Artesian wells in the Laurentides, Lanaudière and Outaouais

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In June 2003, the Ministry of the Environment instituted the "Groundwater Catchment Regulation" in order to oversee the artesian well industry. Here is a summary of the main points:

1. Catchment Permit
The owner should obtain a municipal catchment permit before drilling a new well or modifying an existing one.

2. Well Location
The well must be located:
A minimum of 30 m from any non-watertight wastewater system (septic system)
A minimum of 30 m from a cultivated parcel
A minimum of 15 meters from a watertight wastewater system (septic system).
Outside of an area subject to flooding

3. Sealing a Well
According to current regulations, the well must be sealed: :
if the rock is less than 5 metres (16.4 feet) from the ground surface
if the well is located within 30 metres (but more than 15 meters) a non-watertight wastewater system.

4. Well Disinfection
On completion of the installation or modification of an artesian well, the contractor must clean and disinfect the catchment work so as to eliminate any contamination.

5. Well Protection
The owner must ensure that the integrity of the well cover is maintained so as to prevent contaminant infiltration. The casing must rise above the ground surface by not less than 30 cm. The owner must ensure that the finishing grade around a well (within a 1 m radius) is carried out so as to prevent the presence of stagnant water.

6. Water Analysis
The owner of a catchment work must have groundwater samples taken between the second and the thirtieth day following the beginning of use of the pumping equipment and have the samples analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the Minister.

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